Check Point R80 Review

I have had the privilege of being involved with the Check Point R80 Early Availability (EA) Program. I must write and say how impressed I have been with the Engineers from Check Point who helped us get to R80;as well as to the R80 General Availability (GA) release of the software.  Check Point had Engineers fly out from Israel (twice) to work with us on the R80 upgrades. Their Engineers know their product in and out + are very good at what they do. They were friendly and easy to get along with. I have to give Check Point serious kudos here for their attention to detail, customer service and handling of the entire R80 upgrade process.

I have found Check Point Manager/ Gateways  as a whole very reliable from an uptime perspective. Sure, all code has bugs, but their R80 has been good. The best feature in R80 by far is the ability to have multiple admins logged in [ AND MAKING CHANGES ] at the same time. This may not sound like a big deal, but if you’ve worked with older versions of their software – it was one admin logged in at a time.

The FW Logger in R80 is very functional and has kind of a ‘Splunk’ feel – you can write basic queries / filters and even base them on what blade you want. Logger has Multiple tabs = multiasking your queries to a ‘many at once’ and you can jump between TABs and view logs from multiple FWs nearly simultaneously.

Policy pushes worked every time. (although they take a bit longer than I’d like )  And aside from being randomly booted out of the EA version a few times, it was fairly solid for us. We slammed EA into production pretty quick and the only hiccup after install was that the default Application Policy had flipped a setting from ‘allow’ to DROP  ‘tcp out of sequence packets’ – which in one of our environments, did cause some issues. However, once we found that and flipped it back to ‘allow’ – EA had no more problems.

No, I was not paid to write this – it’s an honest opinion from a humble InfoSec guy; and yes, it’s true that I did wear my Palo Alto Networks T-shirt to the R80GA upgrade 😉

For Check Point: Thanks for the help and we appreciate your efforts, guys!

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