Passed LPI Level 2 Exam 201-400

I am on a mission to become the best Linux Security Engineer I can be. Up’ing the ante with the next level LPIC certs is a part of that for me. Almost three three years ago I did the LPIC-1 series exams; about six months ago, I decided to engage in studying hard for the first exam in the LPIC-2 series.  I passed the first exam 201-400 on Friday and there are no words that relay how truly psyched I am! It was one of the harder exams I have taken; and I cannot speak to any specifics about what was on it;  but I can share my sources, study plans and impressions.

My first great resource I have to credit is the new LPIC-2 book by William Rothwell. I thought the contents of this book were reflected in the exam. Key Points are driven home in the book throughout – Besides key points, there was a lot of data to which I had to pay attention; and I’ve marked up his book like a horror movie slasher with a highlighter marker. The exam asked me about things from every corner of the book – so yeah. . . know all the config .conf /etc/ files and what the options are and how they can be used. This is a very detail oriented exam and the book served me in this.

The book also came with multiple practice exams; which I did over and over again that helped me learn concepts and showed me the areas I needed to beef up. The irony of this is I needed a Windows machine to run the exam engine that had Linux questions. Because I passed the exam; the bitterness of having to wipe one of my Linux boxes and install Win7 to run the exam engine is all gone. 🙂

I Also did the LPIC-2 Video series by Keith Barker. Although the Videos themselves are not enough to pass the exam; Keith Barker is an amazing teacher and the concepts he does cover in the vids match nicely and drive home key points. Keith has a way of taking the complexing and making it simple; and his vids helped me set up for my . . .

Labs! This exam requires hands on training. My LABs consisted of Free Linux AWS, Two Raspberry Pi’s and my own laptops. I was surprised that many of the packages required to download were available for Ubuntu MATE and older Wheezy distros. Not only being able to lab things up was great, but being able to reference [ again and again ] the MAN files for all of the commands on which the Exam was huge.  I would have liked to have detailed that journey here; [ specific packages ]  but time did not allow it. I still have the 202-400 to go; so I hope to put some more of that journey here.

Anyway; thumbs up to the folks at the Linux Foundation – I found the exam to be solid knowledge of things an Engineer would need to know about the under-pinnings of Linux OS’s – and although the test was not a SECURITY oriented test, I found the content necessary for my own mental toolbox for my mission to better secure Linux OSs. I also plan to do the LPIC-3 Security exams in the future as part of my goal to be the best Linux Security Engineer I can be.

Stay cool!




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