Employees of a Web Security company set down unlocked laptops, phones and walk far away from them.

Security Awareness Training is essential. Every employee should undergo such a training. This story illustrates WHY. It is crucial that ALL employees know how to protect the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of assets for which they have been given responsibility.  Especially employees of a Web Security Company.

This just happened to be a thing I saw in my daily excursions into the world, you know – places we all go and things we all do everyday. People  I know that are not Security folks often ask me ‘How do the Hackers actually get in?’ Well guys, this is one way right here.

What I am showing below is a table with unlocked laptops and phones and NO PEOPLE.

These were taken in a public coffee shop that shares the same building with a well known Web Security Software company.



Notice the iphones left on the table as well. I think there is a  purse or wallet on the table too. Also, you can’t see it from this angle, but the laptop that is facing the fireplace was also unlocked. I was sitting on the other side of the Fireplace, and these people came in, set all of their gear down on the table and then got back up and left to go get coffee, far, far away from the table. The coffee bar is off screen and to the right in the lower photo; and there is a 90 degree wall, that when you are at the coffee counter, blocks visibility from this table.

I was all done with my coffee and on my way out when I walked right by and saw the two open laptops with the company’s logo. I could not believe it! So – to everyone that has asked – THAT is how hackers get in.

As a White-Hat, I see these things happen in the world and feel it important to share them with you because there are great lessons to be learned. Leaving a laptop on a table in a public place may seem like small, in seemingly insignificant thing – all that could happen is that it would get stolen right? Wrong. An unlocked laptop is a goldmine to a hacker.

Simple Security Awareness Training can prevent things like this!

Safe Safe friends!


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