BotCarNets – Fiction or Non-Fiction?

As an InfoSec guy, I take special notice of any hacking scenes on my favorite shows.  On ‘The Flash’ Season 3 Episode 5, one of the characters on the show, ‘Cisco’ performs a distributed car hack.  It was clever really, the hack was to turn on the headlights of every car in the parking lot simultaneously.

Although this was fictional, it really got me thinking. . . I’ve always conceptualized Car Hacking as an individual, targeted effort, taking down one system in one car. Cisco’s fictional hack warrants some consideration., especially when you think about DDoS attacks and BotNets.   What if an attacker had a network of Hacked cars? ( Let’s call it a BotCarNet?).  What if the size of that network were in the 100’s, or the 1000’s ?

I believe one could wreak some havoc. The controller of the BotCarNet could engage the horns of the BotCarNet, perhaps in specific geographically located areas as a means for a distraction while committing a crime. Hmmm. Perhaps the motive could just be create confusion and fear. The BotCarNet controller could do something as simple as draining the batteries; potentially ensuring a large group of people would not be able to leave a place. We could keep going down the rabbit hole.

With a BotCarNet, one could theoretically make entire city blocks inaccessible to Police and Emergency services, simply by sending kill signals to specific BotCars at specific places on the grid, or block a access on a major bridge. Pretty crazy, yeah?

My goal is to bring awareness to the inherent vulnerabilities in ALL software and promote secure coding. I never want to see a BotCarNet, (except in ‘The Flash’!)

Stay Safe!

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