Why I am pursuing Amazon Certified Solutions Architect Certification

It’s time to switch up here a bit . . . While we Security Professionals have been shunning all things Cloud and jumping up and down, waving our hands, desperately warning our employers not to move data there; the world has gone on without us and Enterprises are aggressively moving data and services to the Cloud. This is driven largely by massive cost saves associated with Cloud Services in general. Software is eating the world. And Cloud is making that possible. Businesses are moving in that direction. The time has come (or it has been here a while), for InfoSec as a whole to embrace this practice of having data, services and workloads in the Cloud and do the best we can to secure the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of those services and data in the Cloud.

Of all companies in this space, Amazon is kicking serious ass in being the world leader in Cloud Platforms. Amazon AWS is the fastest growing multi-billion dollar Enterprise IT company in the World. 14 Billion to be exact. Many heavy hitters are putting dollars and infrastructure in the the Cloud. Amazon is putting tremendous resources in the cloud in their own right and have bet the farm on it; they are innovating at a furious pace as their own shopping services rely on their own AWS Cloud. AWS is experiencing 47% year over year growth!

All of my IT personas: Information Security, Network, Linux guy, Server guy, I believe that an understanding of Cloud / Securing Cloud / Writing Code for the Cloud is the best way I can serve others and provide for my Family in the many years to come. The Economics driving this push to Cloud, [ ultra-cheap compute power, no longer paying to build and maintain data centers, paying for services only when your customers use them are just a few of the drivers ]  simply cannot be ignored!  That is why  I am pursuing  the

Amazon Certified Architect first; followed by the AWS Security Specialization Exam then; the Professional Architect Exam. Presently, I am doing a ton of hands on labs after hours in the AWS Free tier; Enrolled in a great course by A Cloud Guru Learning. The course is taught by Ryan Kroonenberg and is SUPERB! I’m 70% through the first run.

I believe the Amazon Cert Program is solid and will compliment my background and skill set and increase my value to employers. So, yeah, I am excited!  I am learning at a pace and depth I never thought possible! I think that is because I truly enjoy the AWS platform; the multitude of services offered and how to interface and build with them!

disclaimer: I do not work for Amazon, nor I am paid by Amazon.

Stay Safe!


UPDATE:  At the AWS ‘Automating Security in the Cloud’ event I attended ( a few weeks after this posting ); during the audience polling; most event attendants were there because their employers are moving data and predictable workloads into AWS. Amazon and partners are making it easier to address regulatory compliance; FedRAMP, 800-53.  All this means is that the FRICTION is  that used to exist between getting on-prem data / workloads into the cloud is eroding. That’s not an accident.

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