Social Security Card was never meant to be used as an ID card.

This is a solid 7 minute video explaining the inception and original INTENDED use of the United States Social Security card; and how it was NEVER originally intended to be used as an identification card.  What?? REALLY???

The other “shocker” is that there is no Security built into the card regarding the number schema – pretty amazing [SAD] when you think about how much this number is used for major financial transactions, ( outside of Social Security itself). Yes, the number is fairly guessable if you know state of birth, year of birth. Because of this; and the plethora of Security breaches that have taken place over the years, I assume compromise when it comes to my own number; ( e.g., the bad guys have it somewhere – waiting to be used, along with millions of others’ SS numbers)

So then – The BEST thing you and I can do use utilize some kind of credit monitoring service; or continuously keep your credit report in FRAUD alert mode, making it hard for other people to open accounts in your name. FRAUD alerts must be set every 90 days; or if you are active military, one year.  FRAUD alerts fall under the ” I don’t have to out run the bear, I just need to out run you “; as fraud alerts don’t guarantee your identity can’t be stolen; it just makes it harder to steal yours than the next guys’  🙂

If you set an alert with one of the Bureaus – they notify the other ones. Here is the Equifax link to set an initial 90 day alert.

On Credit Monitoring – I have sort of a love-hate relationship with credit monitoring services; because I believe credit monitoring is something that the three(four) major credit bureaus should BE DOING ANYWAY as it clearly falls under their due diligence as record keepers of such critical information. BUT they don’t . . . and we must pay for the credit monitoring service from one of the major bureaus or a third party. That’s kind of wrong, but necessary in my eyes.

Stay safe!




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