Sony PlayStation 2017 E3 Ticket Site [ ] Down ALL DAY


Like many other enthusiasts, I was excited to get the opportunity to purchase tickets to my Local Theatre to experience Sony PlayStation’s E3 LIVE simulcast on the big screen!

The link to get tickets is at this site:

which points to a 3rd party ticket provider,  with this URL:

At approximately 10 AM PT  CRASHED HARD and has been down ever since. 

Main response code all day has been http 503 – Service Unavailable.  Now it is showing as a 404 not found. ( screen shot above ) One attempt earlier in the afternoon brought up the main page once today; but then said that the “PlayStationE32017” code was invalid.

Earlier today, GoFobo had two public IP’s registered; I tried them both. No go.

All other requests have hung, or been met with 503 (until now which has turned to 404) –  I think this is really simply being overwhelmed  by Sony Playstation fans – FAILURE TO SCALE. This could have been another intentional, malicious DDoS against Sony, or maybe perhaps a human error killed it.   I was able to get tickets within 5 mins last year and I don’t remember as part of that.   That 404 happening on their main site is because I believed they moved their site to new digs:

At present,  4:11 PT, it appears they are shifting their DNS records around . . .. ( there were only two IP entries before and they were different IPs ) from a previous dig at 1 PM.

Here is a DIG now:


So… looks like they are moving this to AWS! Thinking this move happened when the 503 error code became a 404.

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