SOPHOS – Security SOS Botnet Webinar Write-up

“SOPHOS – Security SOS Botnet Webinar” Write-up by Chris Henson

VERY early last Thursday, I attended the Sophos Security SOS ‘ Botnets – Malware that makes you part of the problem’ Webinar.  The Webinar was early because it was hosted late in the day in the UK. The main speaker was Paul Ducklin. Paul knows his stuff when it comes to malware; as do many Engineers at Sophos; as that team has some of the most extensive technical  write-ups on malware behavior out there.

As usual, I took notes, so I wanted to share them here:


Info about Botnets:

There is a rise in Bot Builder Tools, semi-custom software packs; where the operator can customize phishing [dropper ] campaigns; and can utilize the bots in a variety of ways. Bots can be customized to report back / call home on specific attributes of the computer on which they take over: Current level of patch installed, Disk space, GPU, memory, enumerate processes running, enumerate security products installed, etc. . .

Web based Botnet consoles have knobs / dials / tools and give out various types of information about the botnet they control in dashboard layout; Geo-location, OS type, etc, target, who reported in, how long ago. .

This data can then be used to conscript the bot into a specific type of botnet:

  • if you have infected many machines with high GPU capabilities, then those machines could go to a bit-coin mining botnet.
  • if initial infect is a corporate machine; the data about security tool sets in stalled may be valuable to other bad guys.
  • if the machines are found that have HUGE diskspace, those machines become part of a storage botnet.
  • If you are a average machine, or an IoT, you get conscripted into a DDoS botnet that can be rented out.

Bots – smaller, more basic kits, simply act as downloaders :

  • for other kinds of Software, sometimes even “legitimate” ad-ware where companies are paid on each time their ad-ware is installed.
  • for more specific botnets, tbd later by the attacker, SPAM, keylogging
  • when machine is sold to other bad guy, they decide what to download
  • multiple bots [ a machine can be a part of more than one botnet ]

Bots and Ransomware:

After a Bot has exceeded its useful life; the attacker may try to get another $200 – $600 and have the bot’s last job be to install ransomware.  The reverse is true. Ransomware can also have extra code that install bots; so even after you pay, the machine is still infected.

Keeping bots off your Computer:

  • Patch, patch and patch – reduce the risk surface.
  • Remove Flash from your machine [ Adobe Flash has been #1 target of infections ]
  • Do not run JAVA in your browser
    • Oracle recently modified base JAVA install to run as an App only on machine; and NOT as an applet in their browser
  • Things like home router; cameras, IoT, always get the latest vendor firmware
    • if device is old, and vulnerable, time top scrap it and get a new one

Detecting bots:

  • Microsoft Sys internal tools set to see process.
  • Wireshark Tools
  • [ my own note ] Security Onion with BRO, ELSA installed, getting a tapped or spanned feed from suspected machine


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