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2018 AWS Security Specialty Exam: Updated July 2018

Finally, it’s here! I’ve compiled a list of resources and videos to help you study! AWS Certified Security – Specialty Exam   Official Exam Guide First, here is the pdf of the  AWS Exam Guide for the  SCS-C01 Now, here is … Continue reading

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OSSEC / Auto-OSSEC Automation in AWS Linux – More GLUE!

  OSSEC is a tricky devil to automate. And what I mean by automate; is install the ossec-hids-server, install the ossec-hids agent, register the agent and have the server recognize that registration without human prompts. If you’ve done this before, … Continue reading

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Front row perspective from Brian Krebs’ 2017 Keynote!

  I had the amazing honor of getting front row for Brian Krebs’ KeyNote speech at the SailPoint Navigate Conference Last week in Austin, TX! Brian is an exceptional a Public Speaker, just as he is an exceptional writer. Krebs … Continue reading

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WannaCry Decrypt Tools are Now Available!

WannaCry Decrypt Tools are Now Available! You’ve gotta love the good guys!   Benjamin Delpy, coded a tool “WanaKiwi,”  which makes it easier for everyone to remove the WannaCry-infected file decryption. and run it on Windows using the command … Continue reading

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Social Security Card was never meant to be used as an ID card.

This is a solid 7 minute video explaining the inception and original INTENDED use of the United States Social Security card; and how it was NEVER originally intended to be used as an identification card.  What?? REALLY??? The other “shocker” … Continue reading

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Hackers driving tractors? Tractor bots? Maybe. published an article about Farmers using Jail-broken diagnostic software for their Tractors. Apparently, some Farmers are frustrated at the high cost associated with a house call from Certified John Deere Technicians to diagnose problems with Tractors; so much … Continue reading

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LucasFilm inadvertently gives away details about its Network Infrastructure

Like any Star Wars fan, I was happy to see the release of the official movie title this week. Gizmodo shared an official photo from Rian Johnson’s office which is, I believe an official LucasFilm sanctioned photo. If you look next to … Continue reading

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