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CLOSE your admin ports 22 and 3389 to “” 

One of the best things you can do to protect your AWS instances is to ensure your users NEVER use the default ‘launch-wizard’ Security Group that leverages “” for your administrative access over ports 22 or 3389.  Not using the … Continue reading

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Know yourself – The Power of an accurate Security Inventory

With all of the security product blitz and focus on the newest and most shiny cool thing, there is one fundamental Security practice that must not be forgotten. It’s not sexy, you won’t find flashy posts about it with cool … Continue reading

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AWS Guard Duty Automation: Using Lambda to shut down a compromised instance

After getting a working CloudWatch Rule that would actually generate SNS events for GuardDuty all medium and high alerts – the work was not done. SNS by itself is not enough, still requires a human to go in and do … Continue reading

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Passed AWS Solutions Architect Pro Exam!

Very happy to share!   Obliviously, no specifics can be shared due to the exam NDA, but I can recommend topics you should study and give my thoughts here.  I also had an ‘event’ in the middle of the exam where … Continue reading

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AWS GuardDuty CloudWatch Hell

I feel it is important to share with the community. I’ve fought with GuardDuty and CloudWatch to develop an alerting policy that works. In the midst of testing my policy, I found an error in AWS documentation which they have … Continue reading

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Gluecon2018 Keynote w/ Adrian Cockroft + AWESOME!

Cool things happen when a Security person gets to attend a Developer Conference! In all seriousness, Last January, I planned to attend GlueCon this year because I feel development is a critical part of Security and I want to understand … Continue reading

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Path to AWS Architect Professional – Storage Anti-Patterns

  This post a summary on my notes from reading the Storage Design Anti-Patterns addressed in this AWS Whitepaper.   “An anti-pattern is a common response to a recurring problem that is usually ineffective and risks being highly counterproductive” S3 Anti-Patterns:  Amazon S3 … Continue reading

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